Types of talks:
  • lectures (one or more; 1,5 hours for each),
  • plenary talk (up to 45 minutes),
  • section talk (up to 15 minutes)
Presentations of talks. Abstracts in Russian or English are accepted for submission and publication in the materials of the school-seminar. Abstracts should include informative annotations in Russian and English. The volume of the abstract in English is from one quarter to half a page. Abstracts should be prepared in LaTeX format using the style file sibecrypt.sty.

Here you can download:

Requirements for abstracts. Abstracts must contain a specific new result on the topic of the conference. It can be a model, method, algorithm, theorem, proof, estimates (theoretical or experimental), etc. Abstracts of the review report are also allowed as an application for a lecture for the participants of the school-seminar.

Publication of the proceedings. Accepted abstracts will be published in the journal "Applied Discrete Mathematics. Supplement" ("Prikladnaya Diskretnaya Matematica. Supplement") (RSCI) to the opening of the conference.

Abstracts should be sent by e-mail in a tex file and in a pdf file. Each file should be named with the surname of the first author (for example: Ivanov. tex, Ivanov. pdf). Don't forget to attach image files to the tex source, if there are any. Graphs, diagrams, etc. drawings should be created and sent in vector format (.eps, .svg, .pdf, etc.) without using bitmap inserts, in shades of gray. It is recommended to start the names of image files with the last name of the first author, as well as the name of the main file.

Abstracts of talks and applications for lectures should be submitted up to April 30, 2021.
Notification of acceptance will be sent before June 30, 2021.

Please send the materials to e-mail: sibecrypt@mail.ru

Registration fee is about 2000 Rub. Dates for registration will be published later.

Corresponding secretary of the Organizing Committee
Irina Pankratova,
Tomsk State University, Laboratory of Computer Cryptography, 36 Lenin Ave., Tomsk, 634050
E-mail: sibecrypt@mail.ru
Phone number for urgent communication: +007-913-845-24-30.